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We offer competitive prices on a great range of sex toys.



www.thevibratorsite.com.au is an adult shop selling adult sex toys and vibrators within Australia and New Zealand. "The Vibrator Site"does not engage in tricks like “save up to 60%” because our prices for sex toys and adult pleasure are never falsely inflated. Our ladies vibratorsclit stimulators and sex toys are always at a discount price. If you do find a lower price come back and tell us …… www.thevibratorsite.com.au will match the offer and give you a further 10% off the purchase for your efforts. We will then re list the product at the lower price found. Guaranteed! (excludes obvious sale and wholesale items) We are committed to offering cheap prices on sex toys


If you can’t find a vibratorsex toy or adult pleasure product that you may have seen on another site, let us know and we will do our utmost to source it for you from one of our wonderful suppliers. We will of course offer you a fantastic price and then list that sex toy or adult product on www.thevibratorsite.com.au for others enjoyment too! We aim to be the number one online adult .shop. Send request to info@thevibratorsite.com.au


At the www.thevibratorsite.com.au we encourage your feedback. Should you care to review a ladies sex toyvibrator or adult product you have purchased from our site please do. We will refund you 10% of the purchase price of the sex toy reviewed (Good or Bad). Your privacy will remain of paramount importance and will not be divulged only initials and state! Send to admin@thevibratorsite.com.au


For your convenience www.thevibratorsite.com.au includes a free pack of 4AA batteries with all orders. Enjoy your sex toys immediately. 

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